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RRSEC Staff Resources

Rum River Special Education Staff is a highly qualified group of compassionate, dedicated individuals who strive to connect with each other to provide the best experience possible for young learners. These resources are items needed to do their job. Some links may be protected. Contact the Technology Coordinator for permitted access.
NEW Benefits Information

2019 Insurance Enrollment

SpedForms--A Google search of SpedForms could lead you to other districts' servers of SpedForms. This link is specific to our district. 

Federal Fund Request Form--Use this form to request the use of federal dollars

Mileage Reimbursement Form--Follow this link and download as .xls or MacNumbers

Workshop Request Form--Use this form to request attendance to a workshop or training

Links to Cambridge-Isanti--This link brings you to the Staff Resources page for C-I. The Username is jdoe. Contact the Tech Coordinator for the PW.
On this page you will find:

Education Program Calendar (Typical school year calendar formatted like Cambridge-Isanti's) 
Consolidated Calendar (Puts all districts and their breaks side by side)
Monthly Calendars (By District: Shows where each staff member plans to be on which days)
30 Day Timelines (By District: Shows thirty days from today in an easy to read spreadsheet)
Planning meeting days (A list of calendar dates that tells when the itinerant Co-Op staff meets)