Paraprofessional/Instructional Assistants Resources
  • Para Handbook-This handbook was designed to provide the special education paraprofessionals with the basic skill and knowledge required to carry out this very important job.
  • Minnesota Paraprofessional Consortium-The Minnesota Para Consortium website is an extensive resource for paraprofessionals working in education and those who support them. The Consortium has existed for more than 15 years supporting the para workforce. This link also offers trainings and staff development tools and resources.
  • Para eLink-Para eLink is a free online training site for paraprofessionals developed by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Education. Extensive, high-quality training information is provided in an easy access format in core and specialized competency areas.
  • Inclusive link provides a list of websites and organizations that offer paraprofessionals and their supervising teachers a wealth of information and resources to establish and improve effective teacher-para relationships.
  • Clarifying Roles of Paras-This link provides a simple list of possible roles for paras. This list is provided in a format that is easy for teachers and paras assigned to their classrooms to use in making specific choices. The link also includes a self-check for paras to use in assessing your effectiveness.
  • FAQ for Paras-A list of frequently asked questions for paraprofessionals.