Duties and Responsibilities of Autism Consultants:
Autism Consultants are responsible for assisting special education teachers in the evaluation, identification and program planning for students with Autism. This would include staff trainings, consultation and collaboration with parents, administrators, teachers, related service providers and paraprofessionals. In addition we develop, implement, and monitor educational programming to help support direct and indirect services to students birth to 21 years of age.

Additional duties and supports include:
  • Paraprofessional trainings
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) trainings
  • Student Observations
  • Direct and Indirect consultation with general and special education teachers and staff, programming design
  • Implementing research based positive supports and strategies
  • Data Collection
  • Collaboration and coordination between service providers and outside agencies
  • Creating and implementing Functioal Behavior Assessments (FBA's and Postive Behavior Support Planns (PBSP's)
  • Participation in initial and re-evaluations and Individual Education Plans (IEP's)
  • Active members of the Region 5/7 Autism Task Force Community of practice

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