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Here you will find information on what ParentVue is and how to login.

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ParentVue is a product of Synergy. Synergy is a Student Information System that allows our school staff to perform many tasks electronically. ParentVue gives parents access to some of this information in a simple to use format. Access can be acquired using a home computer or a smartphone. Information available via ParentVue includes: Attendance, Student Schedules, Progress Grades, Assignment Calendars, Health Office Visit Summaries, and current year Report Cards.

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You and your child's information security is of great importance to us. Secure access to this information requires a confidential username and password that you create to login to see your student's information. Families with siblings in the RRSEC Programs will need only one login. DO NOT share passwords with anybody as it will put your child's information at risk. RRSEC will not be held responsible for disclosure of confidential student information caused by inadequate protection of username and passwords by parents or guardians. If you believe your passwords have been compromised, please change your password immediately and notify the Program School Site (North, South or East) your child attends. If you have forgotten your password, please use the "forgot Password" option on the login page.

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Activation is a term given to the process of the school giving protected access to you in the form of an Activation Key. This is a one time process whereby you receive a letter with a one-time key to gain access to the system. This key is used to establish the connection between you and your child's information only. No other parents will be able to access anybody else's information because of the distinct nature of each Activation Key. Once the Activation Key is used, ParentVue will ask you to create a username and unique password. Once that is created, you will be the only one to access your account and the Activation Key will no longer work. If you forget your password, there is a forgot password option on the ParentVue login page. Click here if you have just entered the district and did not receive an Activation Key.

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After Activation, logging in is as simple as 1. Where 2. Username 3. Password

1. Where on the internet do I get started? We share Synergy with many schools nationwide. We have a unique access address that sets us apart from other school districts' access. If you search "ParentVue" in Google you will get many different school results and your username and password won't work. You must use the links on this page to access our district ParentVue page.

Once you have this address in a browser of your choosing, we suggest making a bookmark for easy retrieval.

Because of the "Activation" step from above, 2. Username 3. Password are in your court now. So enjoy using this fantastic resource!

Logging in (Mobile Phone App)smartphone icon

Go to your app distributor (App Store/Google Play) and search "Synergy ParentVue." The app is a diamond shaped symbol that is at the top of this page. Make sure it says "ParentVue" and not others. Installation is free forever. For access you will need to enter the proper school server. Swiping left on the first screen that comes up allows you to search for our school district by the zip code in which our school resides (even Rum River North attendees would want to enter 55008). Enter this zip code (not your own) and tap Rum River Special Education Cooperative. 

Next, enter your username and password (the choice to save these two is right you don't have to type them in all the time. Realize that choosing to auto-save passwords on a mobile device is one of the ways your child's information could be compromised as described above). Things might have a little different look to them, but the interaction with your student's data should be a little more handy. Please check your child's information often to help provide accountability and support to your child.


Grades can be marked in many different ways. School districts do their best to create common guidelines and we are no different. But due to subject matter taught and a host of other factors, grading is really decided upon by the teacher. And given the setting that Rum River Special Ed provides there is even more latitude for teachers to construct grades to reflect varying aspects of their school life; perhaps concentrating more heavily on behavior than academics. The reason for this is because in EBD classrooms, behavior is a major reason for why we are here and what we are trying to remediate. Please be in contact with your teacher and refer to handouts given by teachers about their grading practices.


Attendance seems simple enough; either the student is in their seat when class starts or they are not. But in a special education setting it's not always that cut-and-dried. Is the student seeing a specialist? Are they on a self break? Or are they "out of place?" They are in the building, but not in class and any number of other scenarios that can play out in a child's day. Our staff has to be accurate to abide by state and federal regulations. We take this challenge very seriously.

Flexibility Disclaimer

A certain amount of flexibility must be extended to our hard-working staff. We are here for your students and are willing to work within the confines of what is ethical and right to reflect your child's performance in the clearest and fairest way possible. The information you will find is not final until grading periods end, and our staff is willing to work with the information to reflect the reality of your child's academic endeavors. Please partner with us as we cooperate toward that end.

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